About Fly'n K Farms


     Fly'n K Farms is located in northwest Iowa minutes from the state borders of South Dakota and Minnesota. Along with growing crops we have specialized in 100% pure Berkshire hogs. As the commercial swine industry went towards the slogan "Pork - the other white meat", it grew increasing obvious to us that we weren't enjoying the pork that we were eating. So, 10 plus years ago we set out to find a breed of hogs that has the best meat quality. After dabbling with Chester Whites, Durocs, and Berkshires; our 4 scientific taste testers AKA our 4 young sons declared Berkshires the winner! Very simply they actually swallowed the meat instead of spitting it back out. So, began our decade long journey to raise the highest quality pork in the world. 
     Fly'n K Farms is a certified producer of the American Berkshire Association's 100% Pure Berkshire program. Berkshires are known for being a fatter animal and they continue to prove that Fat Is Flavor. We are very passionate about raising the best pork available! Our proven genetics are tested yearly in progeny tests for meat quality and sustainability of production. Currently Fly'n K Farms has 110 sows we farrow.
     Because we want you to enjoy eating pork as much as we do, we bring this opportunity to your table, from Berkwood Farms. Berkwood Farms is a group of Midwestern family farms producing the finest pork available. Slaughtered and packaged in Iowa enables us to bring you a product of high quality. 


 Contact us if you need any cuts we don't have on the website.