Why We Chose Berkshires

 (The Fly'n K Crew)

Why did we choose to raise Berkshire hogs? It all started a good 14 years ago. When Lance & Kristi (the owners of Fly’n K Farms) noticed for themselves that they did not enjoy eating pork. Many of you can probably attest it that too.

They didn’t start thinking about changing the pork they were eating until my brothers, and I began to spit out pork during supper. My brothers and I were no meat scientists, but we got sick of chewing and chewing dry pork, so we spat it onto our plates. 

When my parents consistently saw their kids spitting pork out, they knew they needed to change. For the next few years, Lance tried raising several different hog breeds that were known to have higher meat quality than the regular commercial hog.

He raised a few Chester Whites and was not satisfied with the meat quality. Then he tried Durocs, but they too failed the testing. Lastly, he tested Berkshires, and they passed the test with flying colors.

You are probably wondering what this mysterious test is? Well, it is a straightforward test that includes my brothers and me. Have you got it yet? Yes, it was seeing the kids would spit the pork out onto their plates. 

Since Berkshires passed the test 12 years ago, my family has not looked back. We chose Berkshires because they have the highest quality pork on the planet. It is very hard to mess up cooking Berkshire pork unless you overcook it.

We at Fly’n K Farms have and will continue to provide the best eating experience in the world.

-Dayton Knobloch

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